Tygodnik Powszechny

strona do druku

September 21st, 2003
25th Sunday of Ordinary Time

"They did not understand the words"

     Listen.  Monitor.  Listen intently.  Be able to hear this most quiet one in the cacophony of voices, the one that will open the world for you.  Be able to catch that seemingly tiny detail from the hail of information that comes down on you through the media, acquaintances, friends and family, the detail that will uncover the truth for you.  Do not get misled by gossip, by falsities tossed around just to feint you.  Catch what is important.  Be able to hear if a storm is approaching, if an avalanche is coming down from the mountains, if a disaster threatens us - or maybe that good winds are blowing, the nice quiet weather is shaping up.
     And tell the truth - the truth you've heard.  Tell with joy or with fear.  Warn your dear ones in advance.  Comfort, confirm, protect like a brother, like a prophet, like a man of God.

Fr. M.M.

     translation: Monika Darron