October 26th, 2003
30th Sunday of Ordinary Time

"So I could see"

     This is not only John Paul II' s holiday.  This is a holiday of entire Polish nation.  Polish songs have lulled him.  Polish surroundings have shaped him.  Polish literature, tradition and history have educated him.  Everything that is the most beautiful and the wisest in Polish culture manifested itself in him. 
     If we are wishing him to have strength to stay wise, courageous, to stay holy - we are wishing the same for ourselves.  Let each and every one of us be wise, courageous, diligent and reasonable.  Everyone is capable of that.  The same songs have lulled us, the same culture has shaped us and the same society has shaped and built us.
     That's why we thank God not only for those 25 years of his pontificate, but we also thank God for each of our lives, for everything good and smart, that was done within the passed years.
     We are his brothers and we are fated for greatness.  Just like he is destined for greatness by Polish culture.

Fr. M.M.

     translation: Monika Darron