June 19th, 2005
12th Sunday of Ordinary Time

"Worth more than many sparrows"

     To be able to grow into the fullness of humanity during your life span, you have to meet on your way Judas, who is going to betray you, Peter: a man-rock, who is going to deny you, and Pilate, who is going to wash his hands after wrongfully sentencing you.  You have to be slapped on the face for no reason, be despised by people to whom you rendered nothing but goodness, be nailed to the cross and ridiculed by the mob.
     You have to have faithful John the Baptist and loving Marie Magdalene.  You have to notice sparrows playing on the roof and admire the field lilies, get surprised that God lets the same sun warm up the just and the unjust ones, that He lets the same rain serve the saints and the sinners.  You have to experience the whole wide scale of feelings from delight to horror, from admiration to disgust, from sin to reformation.

          Fr. M.M.