July 10th, 2005
15th Sunday of Ordinary Time

"The One Who Listens to the Word"

     You already know everything.  You've already heard so much, and read, watched, learned, studied, and wandered so much, and visited so many places.  So why should you still read, listen, watch, study, fathom, or enquire any more.
     And yet, you still keep running to listen to the ones, who speak, to read what has been written.  You do, because you are still waiting for that one word, for that one emotion, sound, flash of light, that will stir your imagination, touch your heart or intellect, which will open the heavens for you, which will shine and shimmer like northern lights, which will be like a lightning in the dark of the night.  And all of a sudden the light will shine within you.  And the life-giving rain will fall on you.  And it will make you run like you did in the best times of your youth.  And you will start to live again, anew.

          Fr. M.M.