July 17th, 2005
16th Sunday of Ordinary Time

"Father's Kingdom"

     Your life is like a four-hand concert.  You don't just sit there and scrape away all by yourself.  God is there, beside you, playing the piano of your life.  He leads, he suggests, and initiates.  You'd better listen, accompany, feel, take and enjoy.
     Sometimes it will be a prelude or andante, another time rondo or variation based on a theme, sometimes a funeral march or a light, happy mazurka.  Sometimes it will be forte, sometimes piano.
     God leads.  Try to catch up, so you stay together.  Avoid dissonances, false notes, and screeches.  You cannot disgrace yourself, or make a fool of yourself.  You have to be a deserving partner of the Master.
     There are great concerts and there are the insignificant ones.  There are top accomplishments and there are fooleries.  May your concert be a masterpiece.

         Fr. M.M.