September 25, 2005
26th Sunday of Ordinary Time

"He came to his senses"

     Do not get offended with Poland.  Do not look at it through the prism of tricky evasive people, liars, and swindlers.  Some of them officially represent our homeland.  Do not look at it through the scandals, corruption, cliques, mafias, gray areas and fraud.
     Do not consol yourself with Poland's past, which was magnificent sometimes.  Lean towards the future.  Build it in your dreams, in your plans, hopes, with people who deserve your trust: wise, brave, great people, who either have proven themselves or who just hint greatness.
     Look for support in good neighboring countries that now want to go into the future together hand in hand towards new Europe, even if they disgraced themselves in the recent past.
     Do not say that it will not work, because you can make a step forward if you only want enough.  May this step open the way for other people of good will.

         Fr. M.M.