October 2, 2005
27th Sunday of Ordinary Time

"Let's kill him"

     Watch out what you are doing when you feel the great ardor to save morally deviated people.  The news that you spend your time in suspicious company, that you make friends with people with a dark past, that you have been seen drinking vodka and that you've laughed at unrefined jokes is going to travel and spread faster than lightning.
     You are safest when you are busy converting decent people, or - even better - the ones that go to church on Sunday, because then you'll not dirty yourself, you'll not stain yourself, you'll not destroy your reputation.  And the nation will respect you; they will praise your flawlessness and your prudence.
     Just do not call yourself Jesus' disciple, because He used to be called a glutton, a drunk, a friend of tax collectors and sinners.  And you are not supposed to be seen in such a company; it is not done.

          Fr. M.M.