January 8, 2006
Baptism of the Lord

"Heaven's open"

     This moment will come suddenly and you will experience enlightenment.  You will see, you will hear, you will feel like you've never done before.  Maybe you haven't even been waiting for this.  And it will happen during the Holly Mass, or while you pray, or in an ordinary street, or in an ordinary room, or kitchen, with your everyday company during an everyday conversation.  And suddenly everything will become clear, simple and obvious.  As if you woke up.  You will look at yourself as if looking at another person.  You'll look at people, at life, at God with different eyes. And you will understand what you have not been able to understand before; you'll hear an answer to a question, which you have not even asked before.  You will know finally who you should become, what you are supposed to do and - the most important - who you are.

         Fr. M.M.