January 29, 2006
4th Sunday of Ordinary Time


     Possessed by greed.  Possessed by envy.  Possessed by conceit.  Possessed by revenge.  Possessed by power.  Possessed by distinctions.  Possessed by titles.  Possessed by fame.  Possessed by ones own appearance.  Trying - at any price - to catch up to those who had passed us by.  All of our efforts, our work, all of our activities are governed by this desire; to prove that we are better, wiser and smarter, to bring our competitors to their knees, to get the satisfaction that we have equaled or surpassed somebody, to stand on the podium in the limelight, and to hear the applause and cheers of admiration.
     This possession consumes our strength, our time and our energy.  And through all this noise we are not even able to hear Satan's cackle.

         Fr. M.M.