February 19, 2006
7th Sunday of Ordinary Time

"They glorified God"

     This is such a great examination of conscience for Europe.  On one side - Muslims with their own sanctities, on the other side - lay Europe, who puts the freedom on the highest pedestal.
     This is an examination of conscience that Europe is doing in front of the entire world and in front of itself.  Should one, is one obligated to respect the sanctities of others?  Or can one stay free and unrestricted by any commitment?
     This is also a question regarding the constitution of a united Europe.  Should it rest on the foundation of the commandment of love towards God and one's neighbor or should it stand freedom as the most important of human rights.
     So how are we supposed to build Europe - comprised of various nations of various cultures and various religions, which still should form one family?

          Fr. M.M.