August 19, 2007
20th Sunday of Ordinary Time 

“Time of labor”

     Our time off, our vacation, our holidays are slowly coming to an end.  Maybe it’s not tomorrow yet, but our thoughts are reaching into the future – and rightfully so – to our regular, working time.
     A question comes to your mind.
     What should I change, improve or correct in my work?
Let me give you an answer – everything that is contained in the word “professionalism”.  And I will explain.
     What bothers us the most in our everyday work is the lack of proficiency on the part of so called competent people to whom we turn with a question, with a request for help, for advice, for taking care of something or for a decision.  And therefore my proposition – let everyone become an excellent professional during this year which is ahead of us.  Regardless whether you are a student, office worker, engineer, craftsman, physician, or driver, teacher, nurse or a person working in commerce, industry, on construction or transportation.  You need to study, to educate yourself.
     Read professional literature; take part in conferences, lectures, classes, professional development.  Have a group of friends, meet with them, discuss with them issues regarding your specialty.  Be a true professional in your job.
     At the same time don’t allow yourself to be destroyed by your work.  Do not become a prole.   Learn how to rest; take care to sleep and to eat properly – to be in a good shape.

                                                                                          Fr. M.M.