November 18, 2007
33rd Sunday of Ordinary Time

"Do not be afraid"

     We are walking along the lanes, paths and alleys of a cemetery.  Ashes of the thousands are resting there.  Maybe even hundreds of thousands, if not millions.  We walk by, glance at the gravestones that scream their names at us:  "Remember us!  We were important in our society.  We are!  Our bodies lie here."
     But wood is decaying, stone is crumbling, writing is fading, grass is growing - grass of oblivion.  Names don't mean much to us.  Usually they mean nothing.  There might be some candles on a grave, but they disappear, too.  Dust of oblivion has covered them.
     This is our place - reserved for us.  Our bodies will be laid here to rest.  They will join the ones who are here already.
     Our souls however are awaiting eternal happiness.  Without this truth there is no Christian religion, there's no religion at all.  Truth about eternal life is the basic human truth.
     That's why when we say: death, in the same breath we should say resurrection - eternal life - heaven - which is our goal and the sense of our lives.

                                                                                                  Fr. M.M.