Stations of the Cross (1)

Station I
Jesus Condemned To Death

   We are with you Jesus when the unjust sentence is imposed on You, the sentence that you accept without a word.  You are not alone.  We are with You Jesus.  We also want to accept the unjust sentences with dignity.  We want You to feel our presence.

Station II
Jesus Takes The Cross On His Shoulders

   We are taking Your cross with You.  We are taking our own cross with us.  We are carrying our cross with You.  It is our mutual cross.  "If anyone wants to be a follower of mine, let him renounce himself and take up his cross and follow me" - You said.  We are going together.

Station III
Jesus Falls The First Time.

   We also fall.  One day for the first time.  But we are aware that then came the second time and the third, fourth, fifth, tenth, hundredth.  We complained that You had given us too heavy of a cross, that we could not, that we were not able to lift it.  But we want to rise up from each fall, just like You, take the cross and keep on going.

Station IV
Jesus Meets His Mother

   Every one of us meets his or her mother on our way of the cross, just like You met Her.  Even if she has passed on, it doesn't mean that she is absent.  Maybe she is even more present than when she was still alive. 
   Everyone meets her or his mother on their way of the cross.  Sometimes.  And these are the blessed moments.  May you be able to meet your mother on your way of the cross as often as possible.

Station V
Simon The Cyrenean Helps Jesus To Carry The Cross

   Just like on Your way, so it happens in our lives - when it seems that we are all alone, there comes the unexpected Cyrenean and helps us to carry our cross.  May God send us as many Cyreneans during our lifetime, as possible.

Station VI
Veronica Wipes The Face Of Jesus

   She did not help You to carry the cross.  But her help was probably even more precious and valuable to You Jesus, than help of Simon of Cyrene.  Maybe someone like that will show up during our carrying of the cross, someone that won't even touch that cross - because they have no chance, have no possibility - but with their kindness, sensitivity, and compassion will help us more than if they had helped by taking our cross on their shoulders.

Station VII
Jesus Falls The Second Time

   It is this subsequent fall - Jesus' and ours.  It is this subsequent fall of ours when it seems to us that we cannot anymore, we will not manage, we have no strength tot carry the cross any more.  But we get up, even though with the greatest effort, just like You, and we keep on going.

Station VIII
Jesus Consoles The Women

   And so there's someone who is crying over you and in this way helping You in carrying the cross.  In a different manner then Mother, in another way then Simon of Cyrene, in another way then Veronica.  These weeping women are with You.  They are not carrying the cross, they are not wiping Your face, they are simply crying.  And in this way they are with You.  And in this way You feel their presence. 
   Just like You Jesus, we also feel strengthened, when we meet a person that has a compassion for us.  We need so very much people who would have pity on us, who would sympathize with us.  

Station IX
Jesus Falls The Third Time

   It is the last time that You fall.  And also in our lives, someday there will be the last fall.  Then death from exhaustion will come.  However, You, Jesus are able to get up from this last fall.  We will still get up from this last fall, to carry our cross all the way to the summit of our Golgotha.

Station X
Jesus Is Stripped Of His Garments

   It seems like a normal affair.  Each bandit and felon, criminal, murderer, and rebel was being stripped before his death on the cross.  But You are neither a bandit, nor a rebel, nor a murderer.  You were put on the same footing with all the criminals of the world. 
   And we stand helpless in the face of wrong done to You.  We only feel for you warm-heartedly. 

Station XI
Jesus Is Nailed To The Cross

   You cannot freely move ether Your hand or leg anymore.  Even the smallest motion causes suffering.  But even without moving Your suffering reaches the limits of endurance.  Surely You are fainting from pain. 
   Jesus, when the time of such suffering approaches us, when we are nailed to the bad of pain just like You were nailed to the cross, we want to be at that time with You in a particular way.  We want to accept that nailing to the cross of suffering just like You accepted it.  

Station XII

   Disciples did not believe that You could die.  And especially not on the cross.  That's why none of them was by the cross.  They ran for fear.  They stopped acknowledging You.
   None of us believes that we can die.  We run away from that thought, we do not consent to our death.  
   But when we are dying, please help us remember, that You, Jesus also died, that this is an ordinary path of every human.  Ordinary or maybe an extraordinary path, it depends on how a person dies.  Jesus, let us die just like you were dying on the cross saying: "Into your hands I commit my spirit."  Let us be able to repeat these words after You: "Into your hands I commit my spirit."

Station XIII
Jesus Is Taken From The Cross

   Those who love us will attend to it.  They will not abandon our body, but they will take care of it.  They will lovingly wash our body - Your body.  They will lovingly dress our body - Your body.  With love.  Even if it is just a body.  But it was a dwelling for our spirit - Your spirit. 

Station XIV
Jesus' Body is Placed In The Tomb

   And Magdalene came and cried at the tomb.  And three women came to be with You.  And so they will be coming to our grave: people who love us, those who were close to us.  Even if it is just a grave, and we are already with God - united with Your Father and ours.  Just like we come to Your tomb during Easter, just like we come to the graves of our loved ones during the All Souls Day. 


 translation: Monika Darron