April 6, 2008
3rd Sunday of Easter Time

„They terrified us”

     So they are running away.  Some of the women have terrified them.  For they were at the tomb in the morning and not having found His body, they came back and said that they had a vision of angels who assured them that He was alive.
     So now the heads will star rolling!  It is best to take shelter in Emmaus; and look from around the corner what’s going to happen in Jerusalem.  And happen it will, because they will not forgive.
     This is out temptation, too.  Not to get too involved with Jesus.  Just watch from around the corner, what’s going to happen.  Not to put the finger between the door and the door jamb. 
     But Jesus does not give up on them.  He walks with them.  Explains.  Befriends them.  They forced Him by saying:  Stay with us, because it is towards evening, and the day is now far spent.
     Jesus does not abandon us.  So this wish bursts out also from our hearts: Stay with us, because we feel safe with you. 
     And He stays.
     They recognized Him in the breaking of the bread.
     And they come back!   They give up the safety of Emmaus.  They come back to the battering waters; to hell which can break lose at any moment in Jerusalem.
     They are not afraid anymore.  They rejoice.  They are brave, free, and ready to lay down their heads.

                                                                                           Fr. M.M.

 * * *

January 27, 2008
3rd Sunday of Ordinary Time

“Proclaiming Gospel”

     To love your neighbor -- does it mean to do good things to him or her?  No!  That comes later.  First there has to be respect and joy.  First you have to see him or her as a smart and good person.  First you have to acknowledge and accept him or her.  Then the time for deeds is going to come. 
     For first one has to acquire a positive way of looking at people.  And that’s neither easy nor simple.  Especially in regards to people who hurt us.  For our point of view is skewed.  We are sensitive to evil.  For evil is aggressive, visible, obtrusive; it is easy to notice and easy to remember.  And now one has to learn to constantly seek out goodness.  Like prospectors who look for the grains of gold in the sand they are sifting on their pans.  It is a difficult task; goodness is quiet, hardly visible. 
     So the point is not to look through the pink glasses, to lie to yourself and pretend that others are better than they really are.  This is supposed to be true and objective point of view, proper evaluation.  Positive evaluation of a person.  For the truth is that there is goodness, wisdom, clarity, beauty and peace within everyone.  Sometimes it is like a dew-drop, sometimes like a ray of sunshine – but it is there.

                                                                                 Fr. M.M.