September 19, 2008

And a few Women were with Him

     Jesus’ revolution – these words refer also to the fact that Jesus was accompanied not only by men but also by women.
     Jesus respected women.   He valued women and put them on par with men.  He even distinguished them.  The first person to whom He appeared after resurrection was Maria Magdalene.  And right after her, He appeared to the women, who came to the tomb to anoint His body.  And he appeared to the apostles later, in the Upper Room.

                                                                                              Fr. M. M.

September 20, 2008

To hire the workers

     I am missing here these workers who came to work early in the morning or a bit later – and then ran away.  They resigned.  They changed their mind; they did not like it anymore.
     Regardless of what time we’re hired as workers, it is important to stay faithful.  Not to run away, not to leave, but to trust that the work in Lord’s vineyard will refine us, improve us.  We will get wiser while doing this job.  We will shape our personality.  We will be happy.
     We ask you, Lord to give us faithfulness.  Faithfulness that is wise, delighted, admiring and enchanted.  We ask you for faithfulness.

                                                                                              Fr. M. M.

September 21, 2008
24th Sunday in Ordinary Time

I am good

     In this parable I am missing these workers who came to work in Lord’s vineyard – and then left.  They got bored with it, the work turned out to hard for them, and company was mediocre.  They left.
     For they got tired of Holly Masses, morning and evening prayers, rosary devotions.  For they know by heart all of the Jesus’ parables and the entire Gospel.  They are not going to learn anything new.  But they don’t really want to admit that in fact it is all about their love.
     And love is such a soaring word.  But the statement that God is Love is so mysterious.  And we are supposed to be in the likeness of God.  This is such a difficult task – which one can best learn in the Lord’s vineyard.

                                                                                              Fr. M. M.