February 26, 2009

Your cross

     I was very impressed – and I am very impressed each time when I look at the cross of Nowa Huta in Lord’s Ark, work of Bronisław Chromy.  Jesus still nailed to the cross, but tearing away from it, already soaring up to heaven; exquisite, moving, and even shocking.
     Another cross is the one on a huge painting by Salvatore Dali, which I saw in New York in Guggenheim Museum; cross shown from the top.  As if we were raised above Jesus’ head and looked down.
     Third one was just a clearance in the shape of a cross and in this clearance – standing - was risen Jesus.  That composition was created in the white wall of the field altar in Wrocław, where John Paul II celebrated a Holy Mass.
     But I was impressed the most by the cross in Katowice at the airport, cross standing over the altar where Polish Pope was supposed to perform the service.  It was raining; it was chilly, wet, and slushy underfoot.  But there was this cross in front of us; enormous, one of a kind, dominating entire airport; woven from flowers.  Cross which can terrify and scare, was making us happy, joyful, was giving us hope and was speaking to us.  Your whole life can be like this – like a cross woven out of flowers of love.

                                                                                             Fr. M. M.