September 13, 2009

Who do people say Son of Man is

     So when there’s a chance, while you are among your friends, ask them this question “Who do people say I am?”  Certainly they will be surprised.  “People say whatever people say – some say good and others say bad things about you.”  “But what do the say?”  Maybe they will start searching their memory for opinions about you.
     And when they think that the conversation is over, ask them the second question “And who do you think I am?”  Most probably the silence will follow.  There will be a moment of dismay.  Your friends will feel offended – how can one ask such a question.  “Why?  Do you want to hear some compliments?  For what kind of opinion do you expect from us?”  But you will just repeat the question.  And maybe someone will break down and tell you the truth about you.  And all of a sudden an avalanche of admiration shall come tumbling down, but also an avalanche of very strong criticism of your mistakes.  You will be shocked.  Maybe you did not expect that someone could have such harsh opinion about you.  Will you dare ask such a question?