November 29, 2009
1st Sunday of ADVENT

Raise your heads

     Here we are entangled in our everyday turbulences, arguments, contretemps, and demands.  In curses, lies, anger, squabbles, grievances, teasing, maliciousness, and laziness.  And here we are in the absurdity of everyday life, in everyday greed, envy, contempt, passion, clawing at each other, pulling each other’s hair, picking fights about any little thing, unforgiving, tenacious, and uncompromising.  And here we are enclosed in a damned circle of our everyday life.
     On top of that, we let ourselves get tangled in sensational events of town, country, and the world.  We are absorbed by that.  Our eyes are full of pictures from TV.  Our ears are full of news from the radio.  Our day is filled with information about crime, corruption, and scandals.
     And finally a moment may arrive when you come to your senses; when you get disgusted with these screams, arguments, brawls which happen in your home, in the world, in the country, in town.  You get disgusted with yourself.
     And finally you will get embarrassed that you let yourself get provoked, that you let yourself get locked in a small cage of your everyday matters.  Perhaps you will get ashamed -- for you seem to live for no reason. 
     Even more so because you can hear Angels’ song over the fields of Bethlehem.  And you can lean out and see the Star leading the Wise Men.  You will discover love as the highest value and sense of your life.
     And the quarrels, jealousies, suspicions, and slanders will cease.  And greed and conceit will leave you.  King’s star and a song of piece will rise over your spiritual horizon.