November 15, 2009
33rd Sunday of Ordinary Time

It is near

     And then the death will come.  Our sun will dim, our moon won’t spread its glow, our stars will be falling from the sky, and our heavenly powers will be shaken.
     And we will stand in front of God; in front of the One who called us into existence, accompanied us throughout entire life; every day and every night.  It will be the same God who was teaching us through his Son, Jesus Christ and who’s led us to the eternal happiness.
     It is this beloved Creator and our Lord.  It is this beloved Father who created us so we could be happy.  And we shall be surrounded with such glow, such gentleness such friendliness, such kindness, which we could only imagine here on earth.
     We are going to be happy.  We will be in silence and in music at the same time, in the light – but not the terrifying one, in colors - but not overpowering ones, in company - but not in a crowd, in solitude - but not in separation.  We will be happy in a way unimaginable for our brain, for our ways of perception. 
     Sometimes we even have a premonition of heaven.  It may be a longed-for melody which we happen to hear, beauty of nature – woods, meadows, flowers, sea, mountains – which enchants us for a moment; it may be a holy man; his, wisdom, beauty, and kindness show us for one second what heaven, towards which we are going, is.
     But there can be evil within us and it will make our unification with God difficult.  Maybe we will have to learn the real love.  For we might have not understood enough, not suffered enough, not experienced enough. 
     We will have to spend time in Purgatory and learn love: to love everyone and everything.  And that is going to be time when we need to grow up to love, rise up to the level of forgiveness, absolution, forbearance, tolerance, kindness, cordiality, friendliness.  This is Purgatory; time of treating our sinful wounds which obstruct our way to heaven.
     But even if this time is going to drag on, we still shall feel that He is waiting for us – for our conversion.