February 28, 2010

He came up the mountain

     Church is your Transfiguration Mountain.  You walk in there every Sunday – for a Holy Mass.
     But you have to clearly acknowledge that you are going to church to meet with God in a particular way during the Holy Mass.  Prophets speak, sing psalms, evangelists tell stories.  But you cannot allow yourselves to be talked down, sung down, and busied down with liturgical rituals.  All of that happens somehow in the background, because in the foreground there’s God – Love with whom you are meeting.
     And when the time comes to leave church you have to check if your face has been transfigured and if it radiates with love, peace, and joy – just like Jesus’ face.  If you were to leave church sad, glum, dispirited, and dejected that would mean that you have not reached the transfiguration mountain.