March 7, 2010

I am searching for a fruit

     Małysz. Małysz! Małysz!! Poland! Poland! Poland!  There are white and red flags on the stands, people in white and red clothes, painted in white and red colors.  Małysz!  And then Justyna Kowalczyk joined.  All of a sudden high-speed skaters moved up -- got a bronze medal.  Poland relished.  Reporters and journalists relished.  It was a number one subject.  And then there are also volleyball players, basket ball players, tennis players.  Poland! Poland! Poland!  On top of that there’s Owsiak with his incredible initiative – the Great Orchestra of Holiday Assistance.  And then it was time for Chopin’s bicentennial birthday anniversary.  Our world-class genius. 
     Do we have a right to complain about lack of patriotism?
     We - crushed by partitions, by war of 1939, by Nazi occupation, by Soviet occupation – we grow now into normalcy, into maturity.  So let’s not complain that not everything is going here perfectly.  We have started a normal life after 1989.  There aren’t enough people; there aren’t enough politicians, scientists, social activists.  We are growing more prosperous.  Even faster than anyone would have expected.