August 30, 2010

Son of Joseph

     Stanisław, you sir, are – as we believe – present in this church with us today in a particular way.  How are you spending the eternity?  Are you playing violin for God – just as you played here on Earth, as the first violin in Kraków Philharmonic?  Are you meeting with your masters – Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, and Chopin?  You can enjoy the presence of the ones whom you admired here on Earth.  You are happy.  For every person can be happy if he or she is presented with what he or she has longed for, what he or she lived for, what he or she enjoyed.  You were a musician -- you are a musician.  You were an artist – you are an artist.  And you certainly are enjoying in heaven what you have enjoyed here on Earth —what made you happy. 
     Please pray for your family - your wife, your children, your relatives, and friends, prey so that we could be endowed with heavenly happiness - just like you are.