October 10, 2010

To persevere

     Designer drugs were condemned -- a victory of sane reason.
     But it's not over yet.  For if they are not allowed to sell them in the store, they will be selling them outside the store.  They will be instigating, pressing; in a vestibule, in the street, at school, in front of the school, on Internet.
     Who is supposed to counteract?  Home and school.
     Parents should talk to a child as much as possible; at home, during a walk, on vacation, during the school year.  And they should play with Lego blocks, and draw, and paint together.  And they should read to him and tell him stories before falling asleep.  And they should watch him, observe him, and listen to him – what interests him, what makes him curious; if this is going to be his future, his life’s passion, his future niche where his is going to prove himself, where he will be making discoveries for himself or maybe even for his company, for his country, or the world.
     Talk to him.  Don’t put him off.  Help him grow to become fully human.  Accompany him, go with him, and help him choose the school which goes along with his interests. 
     Home passes the initiative to school.  That’s what a teacher’s job is about – teacher continues parent’s work.  And as much as a child needs a genius of a mother and father, he needs a genius of a teacher, or professor – in elementary school, high school, not to mention college.  And being a teacher means to burn, to share one’s discoveries, one’s delight.  Real teachers have to be like prophets: have to believe in what they do, to be delighted by the subject which they teach so that the child could become as delighted as they are.  Don’t be terrified even when a child wants to turn the house or the world upside down, when he wants to do something important in his life, to change something, to do something to make the world a better, wiser place, to eliminate what’s senseless, obsolete, and unjust. 
     Then your child will not long for drugs.  He will be enchanted by mathematics, physics, chemistry, history or Polish language.  He will be developing like a flower in the spring.
     We will have such youth and such adults who will be passing drug dealers indifferently.  And it will be because they won’t be bored; for they are going to be interested in issues of higher rank – developments in physics and chemistry, they will be absorbed by literature, poetry, drama – with Norwid, Wyspianski at the lead, they will admire Chopin, Mozart, Preisner, Beethoven, Penderecki, they’ll want to listen to jazz, they will love great Polish and foreign paintings by Malczewski, Wyczolkowski, Rembrandt, Monet, they’ll seem to think the world of mathematics, they will delve in philosophical problems and read Sartre, Camus, Levinas and Tischner.  They will need schools to awake and to direct interests and to help in a journey through the riches of the world and to inspire them to make new discoveries.