December 24, 2011

Great joy

     So here we are —for the angels woke us up with the news that the one for whom we had been waiting was born.  We’ve been waiting -- the whole nation, the whole world immersed in wars, oppression, and hate.  Now it is time to receive Him, to pay Him homage.
     So we’ve come to see you.  The place has surprised us a bit.  We’ve been expecting something else when we thought of Messiah.  And yet, no – it really is a stable, it really is a manger, it really is hay.  And on top of that it’s dark and cold.  And what’s the most surprising – there are no people.  We thought that we’d have to wait on line behind the backs of the other ones, the richer ones, the ones who know scriptures better.  And here You are lying in the manger, barely recognizable in the light of the olive lamps.