The retreat meditation that could be used often throughout the year

                                                -1 -

To remain motionless. To quiet down the noise of thoughts. To allow not even a bit of information to reach me. Push away all news. Recall nothing. Remember nothing. Image nothing. Calm down the waves of feelings. Stop be envious of anything. Desire nothing, miss nothing, expect nothing. Don't want anything, crave nothing, fear nothing. Let the tension of my muscles, ready to fight, defense, attack, fight back,  to subside.
Only now I have started to hear my getting calm breath. Only right now I begin hearing my heart-beat. Slowly arises the awareness that I exist. Not labeled with my name and surname but just me hearing my heart -beat, feeling the air going through my lungs. Me- still existing human being.

- 2 -

You are Silence, Peace, Beauty of this world. You are Sound, Tune and Music. You are Light Color, Rainbow of colors, Blue of the sky, Gold of  sunsets, Green of grass, Red of fire, Blackness of coal, Pink of sunrises. You are Silence of meadows, Peace of clear sky, Abundance of Milky Way. Eternity of arising away universes. You are the Power of mountains, Strength of typhoons, Hardness of stone, Luxuriance of woods and wilderness, Ripple of seas. You are infinite, concealed and mysterious beyond human understanding. Boundless in thy diversity and simplicity, in Calmness and Mobility, in Silence and Blizzard still different but always the same. You perceptive the whole world and me too. You are its essential content and mine too - You my God.

- 3  -

You are Silence, I am shattered,  distracted,  chatty, yelling, making a show of everything in front of everybody. I beg you to calm me down, to calm steady my tense nerves tossing,  inside me  feelings, shimmering imagination, swinging thoughts. Calm down fears, anxieties. Make me as silent as you are.
You are Order. I am not organized, wild, scruffy living in constant mess, I have a lot of not settled things and a lot of them demand finishing. You are Light and Peace. I am darkness, I am mad at everything, envious about everything, greedy, predatory, cheeky, aggressive, inflexible, stubborn, pleased with human disasters, sad when they succeed. I am asking to change me into light, peace  just as You are.
You are Wisdom. I am thick, dull and stupid man. I see nothing  beyond the end of my nose. Manipulated by press, radio, and television. Governed by my own egoism, my self-interest, greed, arrogance. Give me please the depth of seeing  all problems, mine, other people and the whole world. Make me wise please.
You are Love. I am still calculated, self seeking, and I want to make profit on everything and everybody. I collect, buy and secure myself. I gather money, things, dignity, titles, awards, credits, gratitude. Up to the ceiling as I was to live a thousand years, for ever. I don't give anything for free - neither a smile, nor courtesy favor or help. Help me please to live selflessly, laugh, cry, work ,  have friends - and love.

- 4 -

You appointed me. To life: to exist, to act, to compose. Just here, just in this very place, Now: at this time, in this situation in these circumstances.  In this environment among these people., towards these people and for these people. as every stone has its duty to do,  as each drop of water, every piece of air, every plant or animal  has, You determined my duties to fulfill. Let me please   see, hear, what do You expect from me. Give me strength to perform this duty as  good as possible and creative too. Give me  the wisdom of mind, open heart, freshness of the morning, sensitivity of a butterfly, clarity of water , beauty of flowers, richness of plants, energy of  a lion, inflexibility of a rock. Help me please to fill up everyday with my - thy works, wisdom, warmth  of the clear day, abundance of well ploughed earth. Let me yield tenfold, fifty fold, hundredfold  crop as long as I live, as long as I am a living human being, as long as it is my time.

- 5 -

People. Such a lot of them around me. I move among them, rubble shoulders with some of them meet them on the roads of my day. In cars, tramways, trains, shops, stores, in streets, at work. People. Having blue, gray, brown eyes. Having fair or dark hair, little hair or bold. High, short, fat thin or in between. People. Talkative, silent, cheerful, sad, grim, dangerous, friendly, gently, aggressive, impatient, imposing themselves, demanding, requesting, smart, dull, sensitive, stupid, with broad horizons. My brothers. The same as me. Feeling, thinking, with their ambition, plans, tasks. Like me: they want to live, to think,  to create to be happy, to have a nice time to have friends. Called by You to fulfill their tasks, accomplish their role, everyone in his place, sensing his  servility commitment one to another, to others, towards all f them, towards all , towards the whole world.  To create one self contained entirety.
People's community, thy community, thy works, thy creature. Human family. My family. Thy family.

- 6  -

You are in human's beauty, in his nobleness, integrity, honesty, justice. You are in his frank conversation, broad look ahead, zeal, enthusiasm, uncompromising. You are in his fight with his weakness, limitations, stupidity: when he tries to understand just himself, as well as the whole world, when he tries to get out from his inside whatever he is able to, tries to face up to the task that has just grown in front of him. You are in his struggles with anger, with his  trying to control his burst of rage brutality, boorishness, vulgarity. In his trying to be objective, to understand the others, his acting to educate them. In his efforts to control over laziness, living an easy life, untidiness. In his determination, to tide his inside as well as the others. You are in human smile, spontaneous joy, in cry of the harmed and the suffering in misery. You are in selfless help, caring about the others, in outrage against injustice, harm, exploiting people to serve, in his commitment, dedication for the cause. You are in patience, wisdom, diligence of every human being. You are in everything that is good, wise, beautiful, You, who are Kindness,  Wisdom, Beauty,

- 7  -

You are in every human being. Even if he is an evil one. Even if he is my enemy. Even if he lies, hates me and all he is thinking about is how to destroy me. Even when his purpose is to defend his estate with fierceness, although he got it in dishonest way. You are in him. If I had  courage to approach him, as long as I could put away my anger, disgust, aversion, contempt, growing hatred. As long as I am brave enough to get hold of him. And only then, when he is not afraid of me, when he knows I don't want to kill him, when he sees my helpful hand then and only then there is a chance he will open and leave his shell: will muster his courage to look kindly on himself, on me, on the whole world and human feeling of the partnership, friendship, caring about others, of everybody  and will start to live start, to leave as a real human being in honesty and justice.


- 8  -

Well, I have to go back to my loved ones I live with, to my job. I have to return to acting, take care of my business, to climb stairs, Walk through hallways, corridors, rooms, offices, shops, apartments, to get in touch with people, to talk, discuss, and bargain. The time I spent with You was meant to let me rest a while, to be reborn, to return to the base of my being and beginning of world to You-Yourself.  Guard me  that in this busy fair of casual life I will still be in touch with you. Make  me always be able to find my vocation, my work, people whom I meet, even those unlikable, yelling, telling lies, who still want to cheat me doing business and exploit me. You are in them  as You are in me, though covered with our human stupidity egoism, laziness, selfishness, greed. Give me please your grace to be always with as You want t be with me in every instant of my life.