strona do druku

October 21, 2007
29th Sunday of ordinary time

"To pray always"

     A religious man it's not the one who says a prayer in the morning and in the evening and goes to church on Sunday and thinks that that's it.
     A religious man is the one who lives in God's presence.  Sometimes this awareness is so sharp, so clear, that it seems tangible.  Sometimes it seems to be beyond the mountains, beyond the forests, beyond the clouds.  Yet still the awareness of God's presence within persists.  It reflects on each moment, on each matter, work, effort, defeat and success, on all personal, family, national and human matters. You need it for living like water or air.
     And what about the morning and evening prayer?  What about holy Mass on Sunday?  These are the pillars of our awareness, which lives on God.

                                                                                          Fr. M.M.

translation: Monika Darron