strona do druku

November 4, 2007
31st Sunday of Ordinary Time

"He went to see a sinner"

You have to tell yourself who you are:
a judge or a neighbor to a man who
committed a bad deed.
If you are a judge, than who gave you the right?
Who qualified you to
pass a judgment,
announce guilt,
designate punishment,
or send to exile?
You've been called up by God
to treat every
man as your neighbor.
And to be a neighbor is to show kindness
also to such a man
so that he could open up,
so that he wouldn't be afraid
or lonely.
So that he could feel a touch of your hand.
Maybe, because of it, you will be condemned
by decent people.  But
Jesus was also condemned for such
treatment of sinners.
Let this be your consolation.
                                                      Fr. M.M.