strona do druku

March 30, 2008
2nd Sunday of Easter
Sunday of God’s Mercy

“And don’t be unbelieving”

     Be merciful towards yourself.  Even though you’ve behaved like a bastard, like clown, like Judas, like unbelieving Thomas.  Be merciful towards yourself.
     Be merciful towards people who were disloyal to you, who have turned away from you, who parted company with you in an hour of need, who have discredited themselves.  Be merciful towards your neighbors. 
     Be merciful towards God.  Don’t make Him explain why a disaster happened in your life, how He could let it happen, even though He says that He loves you.  Be merciful towards your own God. 
     For with a bit of merciful love you will find the reasons for your awkward, ill-fated and even evil actions.
     For with a bit of merciful love you will recognize the difficult dilemmas of your neighbors.
     For with a bit of merciful love you will discover God’s paths in your life.
     It’s not easy to follow this path, though.
     Because we are so merciless.  So ruthless.  So focused on ourselves.  So judgmental.

                                                                                             Fr. M.M.