strona do druku

September 1, 2008

To push Him off

     We are social creatures.  We don’t go through life alone, but we need other people.  It could be just one person for the entire life, but usually there are various people who accompany us for some time then they walk away or leave or die.  And then we have to find another person with the same heart rhythm and similar thinking who would support and build and rescue us, who would be our teacher, master, friend, sister and brother.
     We are social people.  And it’s about time to realize it and to thank God for these people whom He has given us as companions and to ask God not to let us waste our friendships which were bestowed on us; not to destroy a person so dear to us and at the same time not to destroy ourselves through our nonchalance, recklessness and - sometimes – arrogance.

                                                                            Fr. M. M.