strona do druku

September 7, 2008
23 Sunday of Ordinary Time

Admonish him

    Every person has a right to be respected.
No matter whether he or she is a child or an elderly person.
    And if you manage to trample someone into the mud;
if you prove that he or she is bad, that he or she is a thief,
a liar, a crook, a disloyal and undeserving person – then you are going to be
responsible for everything that is going to happen.
And it is going to happen, because when a person loses faith in
himself or herself then he or she is capable of evil --
alone or surrounded with similar people – losers, the
rejected and spurned ones.
    And in the meantime we, who accuse the others,
must not forget that we are also sinners. 
Because we are people.  Not angels.
    And we need to tell people that they are good. 
That they can achieve a lot.  That they can reach high.  That they can be smart, resourceful, reasonable, and free.
For this is the truth.

                                                                                        Fr. M. M.