strona do druku

October 12, 2008


     They say that Wawel stands on a chakra.  Chakra, they say, is a rock which radiates – with strength, wisdom, courage, peace, and harmony.  One has to walk past the cathedral, by the way leading to the kings’ palace, pass the Sigmund’s Chapel and then one can see a piece of chakra through the little basement window.  It is not just a stone, it is solid rock.  Sometimes I meet people there, more often from somewhere else in the world; people who stand and stand there, in that spot, for a while, for an hour, few hours.  They say that they are gathering strength, because chakra helps them grow and achieve the fullness of human nature, it emits energy, makes people stronger – physically and spiritually.  There are few of these chakras around the world.
     But one can say that we’ve acquired one more chakra.  It is the window of the residence of the bishops of Kraków at Franciszkańska 3.  Some pass this chakra indifferently, others with their hearts pounding.  Some stop there.  And stand.  And the wind of history seems to pass through their souls – the hum, the buzz of millions of people who used to listen to him and applaud him, keep him company, who admired him and loved him.  And we join in.  Without wanting, without asking, even without saying thank you.  We just want to be together for a moment.  To enjoy his light, brightness, serenity, smile, simplicity and his wisdom.

                                                                                             Fr. M. M.