strona do druku

December 24, 2008

Savior has been born to you

     During this late Christmas Eve we did not allow these conversations about national or international politics, economic crisis or family matters, we did not allow yet another meal, yet another glass of wine to pin us down in the chairs or armchairs.
     We did not allow ourselves to be pinned there by the comfort – for it is warm and pleasant, and people are there and we are sleepy and weeks of hard work are behind us, especially last week, which was exhausting and we deserve some rest.
     We did not let ourselves to be pinned down.  For we felt that one cannot be limited to one’s family, to national, economic, commercial or financial matters; that one has to go into the night to welcome Jesus, to see oneself at His manger, to experience at least a little of the Mystery of the Birth of God’s Word, the mystery of the stable.
     For He is; not only in the carols which we sing, in the trees next to the altar, or in the lit up church.  He is especially in the Bible texts which we hear during the Midnight Mass, which make Him present.

                                                                                                 Fr. M. M.