strona do druku

February 15, 2009
Sunday of Ordinary Time

They were coming to Him

     Is there someone whom you love?
     Can you afford loving?  Have you earned being able to fall in love?  And secondly, have you earned love – to be loved?
     To love; to step away from yourself, to take a look at another person and admire him or her.
     To love means to delight in another person’s wisdom, unselfishness, charm, kindness and ambiance surrounding him or her.  When you love, you participate in the loved person’s life.  And through the admiration of another you climb upward because you try to imitate him or her.  You become more beautiful, and wiser. 
     When you are loved, you also climb upward because you want to match expectations of the ones who love you.  You want to reach that level which you’d have never reached had they not loved you. 
     But come to realize that there is fleeting love – just for a while, for a moment, for one glance.  Like a touch of a butterfly.  And there’s true love.  Forever.