strona do druku

March 14, 2010

One has to celebrate

     Love me! - a wife calls to husband.  Love me – a husband calls to wife.  Love me!  A child calls to father, to mother.  Love me – a mother calls to her child, a father call to his child.
     God’s commandment orders to love one’s neighbor.  Only that neighbor is not somewhere out there at the end of the horizon, this neighbor is next to you, this is your closest household member with whom you interact everyday, day in day out. 
     Sacrament of marriage is not limited to the moment of blessing performed by a priest.  Sacrament of marriage is the spouse’s – wife’s or husband’s - entire life, till death and beyond death.  And you have to love your wife; you have to love your husband.  But you have to earn it.
     You have to earn love of your wife!  You have to earn love of your husband!  You have to earn your father’s love!  You have to earn love of your child!  You have to strive for their love.  This is the source of crises in marriages – we do not strive to be loved.