Christmas was coming closer. Santa Claus was sitting in his armchair and reading the letters sent by children from all over the world. The old bishop was surrounded by angels, who helped him to deal with the correspondence. They opened the letters and arranged them. Old Santa sometimes couldn’t decipher  scrawls and doodles made by some kid, that was just learning to write. Then he asked the angels to help him, and they took the letter in their delicate hands and read it aloud.
     – What did he write there? – asked Santa with care – Go on, have a look and tell me, cause I can’t read the scrawl.
     The angel took the paper and read clumsy letters.
     – „Dear Santa, could your please bring me a train set”.
     – Ah, a train set. Anything else?
     – „The train on which I could get with my doggie and my kitten.
     –  Ho, ho, ho. And what else?
     The angel read on:
     – „So that it had long rails. Because I want to go round the world by my train”.
     The next letter was easy to read, because it was written clearly and the handwriting was illegible. Santa Claus read it out:
     „I have never had a panda teddy bear, and my teddy bear has grown old already, his ear has been torn partly, and as a matter of fact two ears. And he has only one eye, because the other eye has been lost somewhere. And I cannot fall asleep without a teddy bear”. (…)
     But the next letter was difficult to read again. Santa Claus gave the angel a wrinkled paper.
     – Maybe the letter has fallen into water.
     – Or it has been written during the rain – said the second angel, peeking at the card. – Well, go on, keep reading – said Santa Claus impatiently, pointing at the basket full of letters – Let’s not waste our time. There are so many letters to read.
     – „Dear Santa” – the angel began to read slowly.
     – We know it, already, go on – Santa Claus urged him impatiently.
     – „I’m not asking you for any toys”…  
     – That’s probably one of those, who want something delicious to eat?
     – „I’m not asking you for sweets either”…
     – What’s on his mind then?
     – „I’m asking you to do only one thing”.
     – Well?
     – „Heal my mummy”.
     Suddenly it became quiet in this chirpy company. The angel lapsed into silence, surprised at what he’d read.  After a moment of absolute silence Santa Claus asked softly: 
     – Is it all, that he has written?
     – Not yet.
     – Well, read on.
     – „My mum has been seriously ill for a long time and no medicines can help her. The doctor said: Only God can save her now”.
It became quiet again.  Only this time the angel couldn’t read through tears.
     – Is it all?
     – No – said the angel and the voice stuck in his throat – „I just thought that – he read through sobbing gasps – I just thought that it’s not easy to get to God, because there so  many people asking Him for something all the time. That is why I’m writing to you, hoping you might put in a good word for my mum with God”.
     At that moment Santa Claus would probably jumped up, but he felt he was unable to move.  He said to the angel:
     – Show to me the child.
     The angel checked the address, then looked down on Earth. He pulled back the cloudlet which was covering the spot, and said:
     – This is the place. It’s right over there. 
     Santa Claus squinted and looked carefully, though He knew already what to do. He saw the boy in the hospital, sitting beside his mother’s bed.
     – That means she 's alive.
     He jumped up.
     – I’ll be back in a minute – he said.
     – Where are you going, Santa?
     – And what do you think? – I’m going to see God to ask him to cure the boy’s mother.