10 lutego 2008

„Był kuszony przez diabła”

     Jeżeli Jezus – Słowo Boże – był kuszony przez szatana,
to o ile bardziej my jesteśmy kuszeni przez szatana.

* * *

17 lutego 2008

„Twarz Jego zajaśniała”

     Może się zdarzyć, że kiedyś ktoś cię zapyta: „Coś ty taki dzisiaj promienny?”
     I sam zdziwisz się, skąd takie pytanie. I nagle odkryjesz, że przed chwilą się modliłeś.
     Może się zdarzyć, że kiedyś ktoś cię zapyta: „Coś ty taki dzisiaj ponury?”
     I zdziwisz się, że zostałeś zagadnięty takim pytaniem. I może odkryjesz, że modliłeś się, ale ta twoja modlitwa nie była nic warta. Może odkryjesz, że to nie była modlitwa, tylko klepanie. A może odkryjesz, żeś się wcale nie modlił?


February 10, 2008
1st Sunday of Lent

”He was tempted by the devil”

 If Jesus – The Word of God – was tempted by Satan
than how much more we are tempted by Satan.

                     Fr. M.M.

* * *

February 17
2nd Sunday of Lent

”His face brightened up”

 It may happen that one day somebody asks you: „How come you are so radiant today?'
 And you yourself will be surprised where that question came from.  And then you’ll realize that a while before you said your prayers.
 It may happen that one day somebody asks you:  „How come you are so gloomy today?”
 And you will be surprised that you were asked this question.  And perhaps you will realize that you did pray, but that your prayer was not worth anything.  Perhaps you will discover that it wasn’t really a prayer; it was just rattling off.  Or perhaps you will discover that you didn’t pray at all?

                                                                                  Fr. M.M.


Station 1
Jesus is condemned to death

Everybody was shouting: „Crucify Him!”  Nobody yelled:  „Do not crucify Him!”  Nobody yelled: „Have you gone crazy?  What for should He be crucified?!”  Nobody raised voice in objection.  Everybody was shouting: „Crucify Him!” 

Station 2
Jesus takes the cross on His shoulders

In front of the procession there was a man who carried a tablet, which said:  „Jesus of Nazareth King of the Jews”.

Station 3
Jesus falls the first time

It couldn’t have been any different.  He fell under the weight of the cross; He was simply exhausted.  Nobody helped Him.  Where are the Twelve Apostles?  Where are the seventy two disciples?  Where are the crowds of people who used to follow Him?

Station 4
Jesus meets His Mother

During the entire course of events of the way of the cross this is the only close person who comes to His aid – His Mother.

Station 5
Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus to carry the cross

He was forced!  He did not volunteer.  He was forced.  He did not say: „I will help Him”.  He was forced. 
There were no volunteers.  He was forced.

Station 6
Veronica wipes Jesus’ face with her veil.

We don’t know who it was.  Tradition did not provide us with her name or surname.  Veronica – the true countenance.  That’s how she was called, because Jesus’ face was imprinted on her veil.  They say that she kept that veil as a relic, that one still can see it to this day.

Station 7
Jesus falls the second time

He falls because He is too exhausted to make it to the top of Golgotha even without the cross.  He falls the second time.  Gospel does not mention any of His disciples lifting Him from the ground, raising Him to His feet.  Jesus is scrambling in the dust of the road all by Himself and He gets up all by Himself.

Station 8
Jesus consoles the crying women

And so here we go again – it is not Mary Magdalene who is crying, it is not Martha or any other close woman who had accompanied Jesus and the Apostles in the Holy Land.  It is unfamiliar women, strangers, who cry seeing Jesus’ suffering.

Station 9
Jesus falls the third time

And again there’s no helping hand.  Again there’s nobody to lift Him from His fall.  No Apostle, no disciple, no close person helps Jesus.  Jesus’ loneliness during the way of the cross is terrifying.

Station 10
Jesus is stripped of His garments

The soldiers take off Jesus’ garments.
One goes to death naked.  One enters death naked without shame.

Station 11
Jesus is nailed to the cross

We don’t have any records saying that somebody protested, that somebody objected, that somebody yelled in despair:  „This is an innocent Man.  You must not crucify Him.” No records of anybody jumping to shield Him with his own body.

Station 12
Jesus dies on the cross

The only one who stood up for Jesus was a bandit hanging on His right side.  The only one who protested!  No other protests were noted.

Station 13
Jesus’ body is placed in Mary’s arms

Just as she used to carry Him in her arms when He was a Baby – she received His body into her arms.
Just like she used to cuddle the little Baby next to her heart, she hugged Jesus’ body.

Station 14
Jesus’ body is laid in the tomb

You came to this world to proclaim God’s love towards people – towards all people.  Crowds, multitudes followed you.  And now at your tomb there’s only a fistful of people.

Translation: Monika Darron