Od 15 XII do 17 XII 


w kościele SS. WIZYTEK w Krakowie – Krowoderska 16. 

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November 30, 2008

Be vigilant

     Once I asked various people this question:  “How would you like to die?”
     I received various answers.  But the most typical were the ones tied to someone’s profession.
     A teacher told me:  “I would like to die of happiness during a lesson, when the class is so quiet you can hear the pin drop, and when I feel that students understand me and they are totally engrossed in the subject.”
     A writer told me: “I would like to die while writing; when I discover something that I had been carrying in my heart as a question and all of a sudden an answer opened itself and this is what I want to give my readers.”
     A painter declared: “When I paint such a picture in which I can feel my presence.  I am still aspiring for such a picture – be it a landscape, still life or some interior scene.”
     A priest answered that he would like to die in a confessional while with a penitent who starts crying and sobbing with real remorse.
     And how would you like to die?
     This is a question for the time of Advent, which is the most wonderful time of the liturgical year.  For this is the time of hope.  We are still wandering in the dark.  It seems that it is so easy to lose direction.  But we know that at the end of the road there’s a cave of Nativity, angels’ singing can be heard, star of Three Magi shines.  And there, at the manger during the Birth of Jesus, there will be so much joy that one would just like to die. 
                                                                                              Fr. M. M.