Tygodnik Powszechny

strona do druku

October 5th, 2003
27th Sunday of Ordinary Time

"Kingdom of God"

     How can one listen to God?  How can one uphold sensitivity to God if we are trampled by the brutality of everyday events?  How can one hear God's voice if thunderstorms are rolling over our heads, the storms that muffle every human reflex?  How can one understand Him if there's so much noise around us and within us?
     But if you hear Him, if you understand Him, then everything becomes possible - youthfulness comes back, you are strong again, you are bursting with joy of the revelation, which you have experienced.  You see the world as a newborn does.  And you are sure that with Him you can be saved.

Fr. M.M.

     translation: Monika Darron