Tygodnik Powszechny

strona do druku

December 21st, 2003
4th Sunday of Advent

"Blessed are you who believed"

     Be the light in our darkness, good weather in our storms, quiet in our noise, peace in our fright, relief in our fatigue, joy in our sadness, and a moment of uplift in our resignation.
     Be the sanctuary of peace, source of strength, window to the world, spring breeze, morning star, and scent of flowers.  Assist us in our weaknesses, save us from grief, depression and unwillingness to live.
     Help us especially on the days when toil bends us almost to the ground, when fear pushes us down into the mud.  Cheer us up when we cannot be consoled for our guilt.

          Fr. M.M.

     translation: Monika Darron