Tygodnik Powszechny

strona do druku

February 22nd, 2004
7th Sunday of Ordinary Time

"You, who listen"

     There is time when we listen as if we were not listening.  We read as if we were not reading.  We think as we were not thinking.  We feel as if we were not feeling.  We believe as if we were not believing.  We trust as if we were not trusting.  We love as if we were not loving.  We live as if we were not living…
     And all of a sudden it happens:  as though your leg got stuck in a trap, as though the earth moved under your feet, as though the sky crushed down on you…  And your world, which you have been casually building, will shake and tremble.  Your arguments will crumble, your motives will fall apart, and the very foundation of your humanity will disintegrate.
     That's when you have to ask yourself:  "Do I really believe in God?  Do I truly trust him boundlessly?  Do I really believe in His love for me?  And do I love Him?"
     And despair, rebellion and even total rejection of God will explode within you, or… you will experience your rebirth.  It will be as if you woke up from a nightmare, as if you saw the light of he raising sun, as if you got out of the grave -- resurrected, with spring breeze in your hair with joy on your lips.

Fr. M.M.

     translation: Monika Darron