Tygodnik Powszechny

strona do druku

July 3rd, 2005
14th Sunday of Ordinary Time

"People of simple heart"

     Arrange vacation for yourself.  Don't turn on your TV set.  Don't read newspapers.  At the most glance at them and then quickly put them away.  Listen to the silence and, sometimes, to good music.  Fix your eyes on the green trees, lawns, on the blue sky, and traveling clouds.  Avoid people or limit yourself to meeting just your trusted friends, but do not discuss politics even with them.  Do not even think about politics.  Do not keep track of popularity contests - who overtook whom, who beat whom.  Do not ponder what kind of trick he might have used, what method, what price he might have paid, what kind of ambitions he tickled.  Don't let yourself care.
     Organize vacation for yourself; vacation with books, with sleeping in, with at least a short walk.  Muse over yourself, over your life which has passed and which is still ahead of you.  Distance yourself from all your tasks and matters, even those most important ones.  Stop caring about them so much.
     You need that to find yourself, to rediscover other people and God all over again.
     After vacation you will come back to your daily madness.  But by then you will know that there is another kind of life - more genuine than your everyday existence. 

          Fr. M.M.