Tygodnik Powszechny

strona do druku

September 18, 2005
25th Sunday of Ordinary Time

"Laborer of the vineyard"

     It is never too late.  It seems that you are going to live a bit longer and you will have a chance to verify your worth, to prove to the world and to yourself what you can achieve.
     And it is always too late.  Because so much life has been wasted, so many chances missed, so much time squandered by taking care of unnecessary things.
     It is never too early.  Because you can be sure that you will waste an infinite number of wonderful opportunities and great chances, you will scatter yourself doing stupid, pointless things.
     And it is always too early.  Because if you woke up later you'd see with much greater clarity the bank of the river that separates you from the eternal life.

         Fr. M.M.