Tygodnik Powszechny

strona do druku

November 13, 2005
33rd Sunday of Ordinary Time

"Each according to his own ability"

     I don't know how many talents you have received: five two or one.  But just in case, act as if you have received five and go with that among the people.  Let them feel better in your company, with you, next to you.  Let them want to have you around, because then they are not afraid, they are not sad, not terrified, they are not in despair.  And it's thanks to your cheerfulness, optimism, and brave behavior.
     Do everything - as much as you can afford - to rise to the dignity of Jesus' disciples; to rise to that goodness, courage, wisdom, smile and strength.  So you can carry God's Kingdom to those who are far away from Him.

         Fr. M.M.