Tygodnik Powszechny

strona do druku

December 18, 2005
4th Sunday of Ordinary Time

"You will give birth to a Son"

     Every so often we stand face to face with the mystery of our faith.  We are aware of the fact that we're not able to either grasp it or understand it.  We attempt to come up with some words, some sentences at least.  We stick them to these mysteries realizing that that they are not capable of expressing what's happening or what has happened either in the history of human kind or in the history of our lives.  And in the end we are not even able to understand what we are saying and what we are trying to name.
     Because what does it mean:  Son of God - aren't we all sons of God?  What does it mean: Word of God - aren't we the word of God, too?  What does it mean: God is Jesus' Father - don't we call God our Father?  And what does it mean: He was conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary?
     There's one thing we know for sure, though: that God loves us.

          Fr. M.M.