Tygodnik Powszechny

strona do druku

February 26, 2006
8th Sunday of Ordinary Time

"Young wine"

     You cannot live clinging to your old world, because you understand it less and less anyway; because it has fallen apart and it is falling more and more apart with each passing moment like a broken crystal mirror.  There's no way you can see yourself in these shards the way you were, and you cannot see that world either.  Do not try to judge your past, yourself or others, or that whole world passing into oblivion according to the new standards.
     Why would you do it?  You need new thinking now.  The old thinking becomes an anachronism.  Different matters are important now.  Different perspective.
     Prove yourself in the storm of contemporary events; see if you behave like an honest person.

         Fr. M.M.