strona do druku

September 9, 2007
23rd Sunday of Ordinary Time


     So maybe some of us are thinking:  “I’d prefer monarchy.  I’d prefer to have a king.  He would sit in the Wawel Castle or in the Castle in Warszawa and he would rule the country.  And we would not have any problem with elections.  If the king died his son would replace him and he would keep ruling. He would learn how to rule at his father’s side, by watching his successes and failures”.
     People created democracy.  We are respected.  Now the state asks you personally whom you wish to have as a ruler.  It is our ennoblement – each and everyone’s.
     At the same time it is a task.  To chose.  To think about it.  To decide aptly.  It is toil.  Lest you run of time to look around, to learn, to figure out what’s going on.  To make sure who is who.  To learn from the candidate who aspires to the status of a ruler, what he wants.  To ask, to discuss, to read, and to listen.  To be a critical observer, researcher.  To be a citizen.

                                                                                           Fr. M.M.