strona do druku

October 7, 2007
27th Sunday of Ordinary Time

"Multiply our faith"

     Until the heavens open within you.
     Buddhists stay silent - for half an hour.  Not to hear, not to see.  Not to think, not to imagine, not to feel, not to want, not to worry, not to enjoy.
     We say rosary for half an hour.  Our mantra.  Goal - to calm down.  To quiet the agitated heart.  To slow down kaleidoscope of imagination.  To muffle the uproar and clamor of voices, which persists within us.
     And perhaps in this silence, in this tranquility you will hear a voice, or see the light, or feel a touch.
     And even if you don't experience His closeness, if you don't hear His words, don't see the Light, just the silence itself, which you achieve through the rosary, is going to be your first step to meeting God.  For God is Silence, God is Tranquility.

                                                                                               Fr. M.M.

translation: Monika Darron