strona do druku

December 2nd, 2007

"You don't know"

     Come whenever you want to, God.  We always await you; in the spring, summer, fall, or winter; during the childhood or youth years, or during adulthood, or in the old age.  Come suddenly, unexpectedly, either after a long sickness - softly like fog - without feeling, or with suffering - You, the one who loves us.
     Knock softly, quietly and whisper into the ear "Come.  It's time for you".  Or come with a storm of bad illness - with suffering and fever; put your hand on my forehead and say "It's time for you.  Come with me." 
     Let's not be afraid of Him.  Do not frighten each other with a perspective of meeting God - a righteous judge.  He, as Love, longingly awaits you.  If there's anything you might be afraid of, it's not death, it is dying; whether you are going to be able to withstand suffering when it comes.  This is the last trial, last exam, testing of your faith, hope and love.  But death itself is a meeting with the one who loves you. 
     Advent is a symbol of your life.   Bethlehem's manger is a symbol of heaven.  You are approaching Him - not just during these four weeks, but through the entire life.

                                                                                 Fr. M.M.