strona do druku

December 25, 2007

"Savior was born for you"

     God gives Himself to us in the mystery of the birth of Jesus - His Word - out of love towards us. 
     He is waiting for our gift.  He wants us.  He wishes for our love.
     That's why we go caroling, that's why we build manger scenes, celebrate Christmas Eve, and share Christmas Eve wafer.  So that we could become similar to Him!  To pay for love with love!

Fr. M.M.
December 25, 2007

"You will find a Baby"

     How far did you get?  When did you stop and decide it was enough?  When all the holiday house-cleaning, organizing and tidying up was done?
     When you sent Christmas greetings, cards, text messages and e-mails?
     When you prepared Christmas Eve supper and Christmas meals; fish, cakes, poppy seed pastries, cheesecakes and pies?
     How far did you get?  As far as Advent Recollections, confessions?  That far?
     Or maybe as far as carols, Christmas tree, manger - and then you did not carry on further, you decided that that was enough.
     As far as Christmas Eve supper, sharing the Christmas Eve wafer, and exchanging greetings with the loved ones.
     All the way to the Midnight Mass - that far? So you could sing - "God is born."
     Do you think that you've achieved what you wanted to achieve, what you were longing for, what were aiming for during the entire Advent season?  Have you touched God?  Do you feel the presence of God who's manifested Himself in Jesus Christ?
     Because this is what it's all about.  All of it is constructed in such way so that you could be shaken by His presence!  So that He could be born for you.  So that He could tell you that He loves you.
     And all of it has been necessary - the house cleaning, the card writing, and Christmas tree, and carols, and Christmas Eve supper.  All of it has been preparing you for the meeting with God, which is the goal of Christmas

          Fr. M.M.