strona do druku

December 26, 2007

"To hold out to the end"

     To believe in the fact that God is - that's taken for granted.  To believe that He is the Creator - that's easy.  But to believe that He is a loving Father - now, that's a threshold that needs to be negotiated.  The Bethlehem's cowshed helps us step over it.
                                                                                       Fr. M.M.
_________________________________________________________________ December 26, 2007

"Do not be troubled"

     How can you believe that God loves you boundlessly - in the face of diseases that torment us, disasters that befall us, in the face of accidents that happen to us, in view of outrage and violence that threaten us.
     How to believe that He loves endlessly - in view children dying of cancer, handicapped, helpless, distressed, old people whose memory is fading away, who lie there like logs, without feeling, without consciousness.
     To believe that He loves boundlessly - that's what the cowshed and manger are for.  That's what entire Jesus' life is for - life in poverty and hunger, persecution and finally agony of the cross, the most ignominious death.
     To believe that He loves - that's what the Angels and shepherds are for, that's what the three Wise Men following the Star are for, that's what resurrection is for.
     But each and every one of us has to walk this path personally.  No one can excuse himself; no one can lie to himself.  We look truth - the hard truth - right in the eye.  Let's not be scared of the future.  The future is in the hands of our Father, our God.  And in the background of it all - cross of Jesus and His atrocious death.

         Fr. M.M.